Review of the world’s major financial markets from January 8, 2015

On Thursday, the stock markets continued to show corrective recovery after several sessions of sales. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng (HSI) at the end of trading day closed neutral. Meanwhile, Britain’s FTSE added almost 1%, while Germany’s DAX closed at 0.8% in the black. US stock indexes were also able to recover part of the incurred losses since the beginning of the week.

The foreign exchange market is experiencing a new long-term records, and the US dollar is still the most popular of his colleagues. EUR / USD, finally slipped below 1.18 for the first time in nearly a decade, reaching 1.1753. Movement was not provoked by any special economic data, but rather a new wave of geopolitical tension. A series of murders that took place in France, can strengthen the political crisis in the country. A further economic stagnation even more scare investors away from the single currency. The weakness of the euro zone will put pressure on the GBP / USD — another couple last updated at least at the level of 1.5033. USD / JPY came close to the mark of 120.00, but cross it so far failed. USD / RUB, in contrast, was able to go back below 60.00 to stabilize the dynamics of oil.

Crude oil futures slightly stabilized and stood in narrow ranges. Brent opened trading at $ 51.06 a barrel, has grown to a local maximum of $ 51.87, ending trading at around $ 50.80.

Precious metals after initial attempts to roll back again strengthened the close of trading. As a result, XAU / USD closed at around $ 1214 per ounce, a pullback from an intraday low of $ 1,204.66 and silver — went to 16.40.

Forecast for Friday, January 9

Stock market

Pay attention to the dynamics of the Japanese index Nikkei (NKD), which last two days showed a sharp appreciation, rebounding from a strong support 16750. Despite the volatile nature of the benchmark and the frequent sharp sell-off in connection with the flight from risky assets, which provokes the flow of capital from the Japanese stock market to secure the yen, the reasons for the long-term index a lot, since the probability of additional stimulus from the central bank, and ending with a good potential for growth of the corporate sector due to more favorable exchange rate of the national currency. Thus, the current levels may serve some good entry points into the market long positions with the immediate goal at around 18,000.


Brent prices consolidated in a narrow range on lack of new developments. Energy sales has already led his quotes to a record low for the last 5.5 years. New negative reports have not yet helped to break the mark of asset $ 50.00, although representatives of the cartel, and other oil-producing countries to actively defend its position — unwillingness to cut production volumes. And even the news of growing geopolitical tensions in France, opening up new challenges for the second-largest eurozone economy and reducing energy demand, while not resumed sales Brent. Thus, we still can not rule out short-term achievement of the «bottom» and the likelihood of short-term recovery of the asset.

Foreign exchange market

USD / RUB slightly stabilized below 60.00 together with the stabilization of the price of Brent crude oil near $ 50 mark. However, it is recognized that the market has recovered energy is not enough to support the ruble yesterday’s 4-pair falling. Perhaps due to the strengthening of the ruble renewed central bank intervention in the foreign exchange market. However, as we have noted, any reduction in pairs should be considered as a successful entry point for long positions, as the completion of a long period of holidays speculators can return to the market and start the pressure on the national currency.

USD / JPY failed to break 120.00 yesterday, but ahead of the US employment report on levels of payrolls, and it can change a lot. Recall that the recent FOMC minutes cast doubt that the Fed will go to the tightening in April. Today’s report on «non-Farm» will dispel any doubts and help break through 120.00, or confirm the fears and renew the yen’s rise. Prediction on leading indicators of the labor market recently did not give results — indicators painted a mixed picture. However, if you look at the dynamics of the employment component of the ISM service sector, which employs the majority of the American population, it can be assumed that the rate of increase in jobs is really slowing down. Forecasts show the importance of 240 thousand., And if indicator is below 200,000, the couple can come back to the area of ​​118,00.


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