Review of the world’s major financial markets from January 22, 2015

Stock markets enthusiastically embraced what happened yesterday: Extra-attitude of the ECB and the impressive volume of the quantitative easing program cheered indices around the world. As a result, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng (HSI) at the end of trading day gained 0.58%. Meanwhile, Britain’s FTSE rose by 1.6%, while Germany’s DAX rooted at 1.67%. US stock indices also showed good growth to the end of trading day.

The main bomb Thursday was the decision of the ECB: monthly regulator will buy government securities at 60 billion euros, 10 billion euros more than expected. The program will run until September 2016. At this EUR / USD plummeted to 1.1351 — a minimum not seen since September 2003. In addition, GBP / USD also took the incident to heart, rolled down to 1.5 annual minimum 1.5031. USD / JPY rose to the 118.63 to the end of the trading day. USD / RUB rolled into the area at 63.68 sharp rise in oil prices, although the closure has returned to the area of ​​64.04.

Oil prices tried to recover, but released to the evening data on crude oil inventories showed a sharp increase in the weekly index on 10,071,000 barrels instead of the forecast 2.617 million. As a result, Brent opened trading at $ 48.72 a barrel, has grown to $ 50.42, completing trades at around $ 48.90.

Precious metals continue to rise on news of the ultrasoft policy. So, XAU / USD from the opening level of $ 1294.86 grown to 5-month high of $ 1292.29 and closed at around $ 1301.70 per ounce, while silver traded near 18.30 at the close.

Forecast for Friday, January 23

Stock market

Yesterday’s positive attitude stock markets is likely to last for today. Despite the fact that the greatest positive effect on the experience of the European markets, benchmarks around the world rejoice in the prospects for an impressive amount of stimulation of the eurozone countries that can pay dividends and the whole world economy. It should be noted that Hong Kong’s Hang Seng (HSI), has not yet reacted to the news from the ECB, so today may show very good move up with the immediate goal at around 24,760.

Also today touch on the company’s shares, which will present its financial results next week. Chevron Corp (CVX) — second only to ExxonMobil integrated energy company in the United States, one of the largest corporations in the world. January 30, we will learn how to deal with is cost optimization company about plans to buy back shares, as well as strategies for working in the current unfavorable conditions of cheap energy market. In addition will be published financial results for the 4th quarter. During the first three quarters of 2014 Chevron has spent a lot of money and did not try to follow the general trend of reducing costs. Now she needs to catch up «our colleagues» and to cut costs a considerable sum, and possibly all starts with the share repurchase program. To this will be added to the changes in the capital budget. It is on these changes should pay particular attention — will be important to optimize the size. If all limited to capital expenditures and stop the share repurchase program, this can have a positive impact on the company’s shares. And this is the most likely option. If will be affected and dividend payments, the shares will experience impressive sales.


Recently struck gold $ 1,300 an ounce, and it was our goal for the end of the quarter, so the question arises — what next? Maximum was reached at $ 1,307.49 and then returned to profit in the area of ​​asset $ 1,301. Prices for the month grew by almost 10%, showed the best result in the last three years, and the fact that it happened in January — it is quite natural. We have already noted in the review of 30 December that statistically January — the best month for gold over the past 9 years. This is, in part, may indicate that further upward movement may be limited. However, there is one point which suggests that the growth potential is not yet exhausted — after a sharp jump in XAU / USD $ 20 down to the market again came buyers, and prices have been supported almost immediately. Moreover, February also shows good statistics on the dynamics of the precious metal — the ECB will contribute to the situation.

Foreign exchange market

Despite the fact that the USD / RUB was able to revert to the area of ​​64.00 yesterday on a growth spurt in prices Brent above $ 50 a barrel today in a pair of chances to open bids «gap» up, as oil prices sagged seriously under pressure data US sharply higher energy reserves over the past week. Approximation of the tax period until no visible effect on the Russian currency. Most likely, oil will remain the main factor for the ruble fluctuations up until it stabilizes above 50-item mark.

For EUR / USD should say separately. Will not go into many details which are already thoroughly digested by the market. Try to look further. Under these circumstances, the principal value of the pair will play the position of the Federal Reserve. The ECB has done all that he could, and more unlikely that we will see in the near future. But if the Fed even against the background of slow global growth, falling energy prices, declining inflationary pressures and ultrasoft policy of key central banks of the world will hint at an early switch to tightening, it will surely pull a couple of parity. Moreover, another reason for the weakening of the euro could become the behavior of sterling, which suffered losses impressive against the dollar after the announcement of the decision on QE. As an immediate goal will be the mark of 1.1180


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