Overview of the world’s major financial markets in October 8, 2014

Stock markets on Thursday slightly adjusted, demonstrating more restrained mixed. The Hang Seng was glad the results protocol FOMC, but Japan’s Nikkei again suffered losses. Meanwhile, Britain’s FTSE fell by George Osborne’s speech, which confirmed that the economy can not withstand the pressure from the deceleration of global growth. Germany’s DAX rose by general Pullback. American DJIA and NASDAQ adjusted down after yesterday’s growth.

Foreign exchange market continued to sell USD and in the morning, although the evening currency could recover some losses. USD / RUB really played Minutes FOMC, which opened at around 39.94 and continued to fall during the day reaching the level of 39.78, but closed again trading near 40.09. Meanwhile, USD / JPY confidently held below 108.00 and reached a 3-week low of 107.52 and closed trading slightly higher. EUR / USD is also able to win on the first weakness of the dollar, despite the disappointing data on the trade balance of Germany. During the day it was made ​​of 2.5-week high of 1.2791, and the pair still rolled into the area 1,2680. GBP / USD failed to update only a week to a maximum of 1.6225, retracing the area of ​​1.6110 at the close ..

Oil prices are under pressure again, approaching the new multi-year lows, as published in the morning performance on the trade balance of Germany once again to convince the market that Europe will reduce demand for energy. As a result, Brent trades completed in 89.99. WTI slipped to 86.70 area after failed to break below 85.57.

Gold and silver are only enjoyed the current weakening of the dollar and continue to move up. XAU / USD from the opening level of 1219.83 strengthened in District 2-week high of 1,233.30, but pulled back in the area in 1224, 68, where he completed trades. Meanwhile, XAG / USD closed the trading near 17.35.

Forecast for Friday, October 10

Stock Market

Despite the fact that the news came yesterday that the corporation Apple (AAPL) suffered plans to release a new iPad c increased screen at the beginning of 2015, the shares of the asset showed a sharp rise above 101.00. It would seem strange reaction, but the explanation was very simple. The fact that one of the company’s shareholders, billionaire Carl Icahn on Thursday published in his blog an open letter to Tim Cook, urging him to speed up and increase the company’s share buyback. Pay attention to the arguments that leads Icahn as a basis for redemption: he believes that the stock is significantly undervalued. According to him, the price should be twice the current levels. And more importantly, Apple said that they would consider the views of the shareholders at the next revision of the share buyback program. Good signal to buy the asset in the long-term strategy.


Prices for Brent crude oil traded near a 2.5-year lows, and as a sharp drop in energy source starts to cause suspicion. From the point of view of technical analysis may be noted that all the indicators used to determine the levels of the «overbought» are close to many year lows, that signals that the quotes are falling too hard and too fast. However, the «oversold» markets may become more «prereprodannymi» in the short term. The closest major support level for Brent is a mark of 89.00, if the sample below is still not confirmed, the correction can be seen in the area of ​​91.35.

Foreign Exchange Market

USD / RUB able to respond to a general weakening of the dollar, and this is a big win, given that the recent corrective pullback of the American currency has not prevented the ruble note new historical lows. Couple still back above 40.00 at the close, as lower oil prices continue to put pressure on the ruble. Nevertheless, tomorrow may present another opportunity to correct a pair of down if the Fed Plosser tomorrow during his speech will give the market to realize that the rate hike in the first quarter of 2015 can not be it. In this case, can not wait another market in the area of ​​39.80, although the preconditions for a long correction has not been observed.

Posted on Wednesday the FOMC minutes was a bolt from the sky, which stretched over the United States dollar over the past 3-5 months. Now the market realized that overdone shopping dollar. And that rate hikes wait will soon not have to. Thus, the market can now direct attention to economic reports from the United States to try to ensure stability in the economic performance or the likelihood of rising inflation. In addition, it is worth watching, and the performances of the representatives of FOMC — today Plosser comments could provoke unrest in the market. In this regard, may again become an interesting reaction USD / JPY, which can finally break through 107.50 and get closer to the September 107.00.


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