Overview of the world’s major financial markets from November 25, 2014

Tuesday was for the stock markets is quite positive, with the exception of the Japanese index. Nikkei at the end of the day lost almost 0.5%. Meanwhile, Hang Seng (HSI) rooted in the symbolic 0.12%. Britain’s FTSE gained even less — 0.02%, but the German DAX — rose by 0,77%, NASDAQ and DJIA showed a slight strengthening in the second half of the US session.

While most of the currencies of bedrooms range, AUD / USD has fallen to 4-year low of 0.8521 on new comments of the RBA that the regulator can almost and additional rate cuts if necessary. USD / JPY has also attracted attention, but rather its inaction in response to the very strong US GDP data for the 3rd quarter. The index came at around 3.9%, well above the forecast of 3.5%, but the couple grew by only 20 points, confirming its overbought. EUR / USD initially came under slight pressure of US GDP data came down to the area of 1.2415, but subsequent releases have disappointed the market and returned to the area a couple of 1.2470. GBP / USD went below 1.57 in the afternoon, but the US session helped to complete trades just above the specified level. Meanwhile, USD / RUB, get rid of such negative factors such as the demand for the ruble in relation to the tax period, managed to recover above 45.00, and even closed the «gap» beginning of the week, finished the day at 46.00.

The oil market is particularly volatile recently due to the abundance of rumors and expectations. Under the yoke of concerns about the fruitless negotiations OPEC in Vienna Brent again began to fall from the opening level of $ 79.50 per barrel, reached $ 80.42, but then slipped to $ 78.10 at the close.

Precious metals were trying to weaken too high of US GDP, but the data on the housing market and consumer confidence have helped to restore the loss. XAU / USD opened the bidding at $ 1197.93, slipped to a local minimum 1190.38, but was restored to the area of 1,199.40 at the close. Meanwhile, XAG / USD from the opening level of 16.47 to 16.70 grows, but by the end of trading day slightly weakened.

Forecast for Wednesday, November 26

Stock market

USA Today published a number of interesting reports, which can clearly describe the situation in a service-oriented economy. If the recovering labor market has already given impetus to the growth in consumer spending, we will see this in the report on orders for durable goods and housing sales. The greater the score, the better the chances that the Fed will try to raise rates in the first half of 2015, which means that the era of ultrasoft monetary policy for the stock markets come to an end.

This fact can not at once, but to put pressure on both the US index, and trigger a rollback on the NASDAQ and DJIA to the next support levels that are in the vicinity of 4177 and 17640, respectively. Their role to play and a correction factor after a long strengthening benchmarks.


All day yesterday, the oil market was in suspense, then showing growth, the obvalivayas again, as clear signals representatives of OPEC and is not allowed. However, investors in the evening very upset unfortunate result of four-party talks between Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Venezuela. Despite the fact that representatives of the countries have explained the lack of applications for quotas that such decisions are taken only at the level of the cartel, the market interpreted it in their own way, I am sure that on November 27, nothing to wait for.

A little later, the flames poured article in the Wall Street Journal, which reported that it was unlikely the summit will be decided to reduce inventories. And it is against this background that we have seen the fall in energy prices. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand that until the Thursday market and speculation will live, and it is possible that today there will be new hope for fruitful talks, especially after all the negotiations representatives recognized that the current price level of all very «concerned «. Thus, today, we do not exclude a new attempt Brent back above $ 80.00 per barrel with the possibility to reach $ 80.80.

Foreign exchange market

Yesterday dynamics USD / JPY could not touch up all food for thought. American record in terms of growth confirmed that the US is ahead of most systems in the world in terms of GDP, and only assured investors that the first rate hike among the G7 central banks will produce exactly the Fed. Nevertheless, it has added a pair of 20 points, which means that the yen is too heavily oversold, and it can demonstrate an impressive correction in the coming days. USA Today published a great number of quite important reports that will make the US economic picture more complete. Jena need a reason, so that the weak data on orders for durable goods or disappointing news from the housing market may be enough to send the pair to 117.30 area.

The tax period came to an end, which means that the demand for the Russian currency fell slightly, leaving USD / RUB freedom trades under the influence of oil prices. There was only one day before the summit of OPEC, and while comments of cartels do not give a clear understanding of what still happens at the meeting. It is likely that some investors now prefer to close their positions to «sit on the fence», which means that we can see a more balanced level and on the ruble, and Brent. It is possible that the Russian currency will try again to strengthen, given the large number of rumors about the reduction of quotas by the cartels, as well as its overall oversold. The immediate goal of the bottom of the can once again become a mark of 44.50. However, the opening of trading can occur gap up in response to the weakened during the US session, oil prices.


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