Overview of the world’s major financial markets from November 13, 2014

Stock indices showed positive dynamics on Thursday, the tone was set by the Hong Kong index, having risen up on reports of emerging liquidity injections by the People’s Bank of China. Japan’s Nikkei at the end of trading day up 1.13%. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng closed trading 0.74% higher. Meanwhile, Britain’s FTSE rose by 0.37%, German DAX — by 0.41%, while the NASDAQ and DJIA spent the first half of trading with little or no movement.

On Thursday there is nothing interesting in the market did not happen, as the economic calendar is almost empty, and in the next few days is nothing interesting except US retail sales will not be published. In the morning, attention was drawn to the dynamics of the pair AUD / USD, which had to respond to the representative of the RBA mentioned the probability of currency intervention by the regulator. This sent the pair to 0.8670, but the Australian currency quickly stabilized and even managed to gain a foothold above 0.87 to close. EUR / USD opened at 1.2436 bids, and grew up to the closure of the area 1.2480. GBP / USD continued to remain under pressure, closed in the area for more than a year lows 1.5700. Meanwhile, USD / JPY held during the day’s trading in narrow ranges, ending trading at 115.80. USD / RUB grown for Thursday, reaching 46.50 to closing.

Prices for Brent crude yesterday finally broke through the strong psychological support of $ 80 per barrel. The asset continues to press a clear position OPEC cartel is not ready to slow down the pace and quite confidently behaves even at current record low energy prices. War in full swing, and Brent, meanwhile, slipped to a low of $ 77.29, not seen since September 2010. Closed trading assets at around $ 77.90 per barrel.

Precious metals continued fluctuations within narrow ranges. XAU / USD opened the bidding at $ 1161.77, and finished at around $ 1161.40 per ounce. Meanwhile, XAG / USD from the opening level of 15.64 to 15.58 down to close.

Forecast for Friday, November 14

Stock market

Today will be published main report of the week from the US — data on retail sales. Recall that the markets for the most part, focused on indicators of inflation and the labor market, expecting that these releases will help them deal with the Fed’s future plans with respect to monetary policy. Nevertheless, scheduled for today, the report could still attract the attention of the market, as it is likely that employment growth and positive consumer sentiment resulted in an increase in sales over the past month. If so, it may cause an increase in expectations for more rapid transition to a tightening mode, and partly to put pressure on the US NASDAQ index and the DJIA.


Oil prices have already completed a decent way down, and it seems that is not going to stop there, as the representatives of OPEC is clearly given to understand that in any way are not going to deal with the current drop in Brent to 4-year low. Tranquility Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi at a conference in Acapulco, in which he denied any suspicion of «price wars», was a call to action and now, after a possible slight correction back to 80 per barrel, the asset could be adjusted to achieve $ 75.30.

Foreign exchange market

Friday will bring just two interesting economic report: German GDP and US retail sales, which can make the EUR / USD the most volatile pair today. The pace of growth of the European economy in the third quarter are particularly interesting, since the forecast figure is dangerously close to zero (0.1%). If analysts were wrong, and in the third quarter GDP is still not growing and shrinking, we can see the euro under pressure. The immediate goal down can be a mark of 1.2420.

And then the scene will report from the United States. Indicators are projected to be not very high, but there are prerequisites that baselines that do not include sales of cars, will be slightly above expectations thanks to strong consumer sentiment and growing labor market. If so, then the pair may continue to fall in with the immediate goal at the level of 1.2380.

USD / RUB should please its restraint — though a couple of grown from the closing levels of protection, but steadfastly held under 130 points, fearing to approach the mark of 47.00 too close. It is worth noting that all this occurred against the backdrop of falling oil prices: Brent for the first time since September 2010, crossed the $ 80.00 support and reached a low of $ 77.29 a barrel. Such restraint ruble after the crazy traffic in October — November only confirms that the number of speculators in the market was reduced and, therefore, the ceiling in the form of level 47.00 will deter the couple in the short term. Most likely, until November 17 to which is assigned and the annual foreign exchange auction and the announcement of the decision of the EU sanctions, the pair will consolidate within the recent range 45.00 — 47.00.


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