Overview of the world’s major financial markets from November 12, 2014

Stock indexes around the world were moving in different directions on Wednesday, choosing for themselves different catalysts for the movement. Japan’s Nikkei lost at the end of trading day of 0.3% under the influence of some rumors about the dissolution of Parliament, the talk of postponement. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng closed trading 0.47% higher. Meanwhile, Britain’s FTSE lost 0.25%, German DAX — 1,69%, and the NASDAQ and DJIA showed almost neutral position in the middle of the US session.

Most of the day foreign exchange market had a fairly quiet, except par with the British pound, which had to respond to reports from the UK. EUR / USD opened at 1.2473 bids, and the closure rolled to a minimum 1.2318. GBP / USD has become a victim of its own economic reports, first foothold in the pleasant labor market data to 1.5939, and then rolled down to the area of 1.5780 on the quarterly inflation report, which sounded concerns about slowing growth and were lowered inflation forecasts. Meanwhile, USD / JPY yesterday shook under the influence of various rumors. At first, she grew up in the area of multi-year highs near 116 on the history of postponement of the second increase in the consumption tax, but after some time has slipped to 115.00 on rumors of a dissolution of Parliament within the next month. She closed the trading at around 115.60. USD / RUB opened bids for 46.28, was trying to get away for a day above 46.48. However, the threat of intervention by the Bank of Russia is very real, and it keeps investors from further sales of the ruble. By the end of trading of steam and does slipped to around 45.57.

Prices for Brent crude yesterday reached marks not seen since September 2010, referring to the level of 80.58 all on the same theme of excess supply. In addition, the US Energy Information Agency yesterday forecast in its report for 2015 downgraded to class Severomorsk to $ 83.42 to $ 101.67 earlier. In such circumstances, it is logical that Brent opened at 81.91, made a feeble attempt to consolidate above 82, then yanked down, completing trades near 80.60.

In the meantime, precious metals are stuck in a fairly narrow range, not being able to go up with the current strong position of the US dollar, but is not set to return to the recent lows. As a result, starting the day at 1164,21, XAU / USD touched a maximum 1170.08, but had to turn around, closed in the area of 1,159.65. Meanwhile, XAG / USD from the opening level of 15.69 to 15.54 weakened, but was restored to the area of 15.62 at the close.

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Yesterday, the German DAX index suffered losses impressive against the backdrop of growing tension again between Russia and Ukraine. A new wave of fear was triggered by the statement of NATO Secretary General, who said about the information available to it on large military convoys crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border in recent days. In addition, the additional pressure on the DAX steel and news that US financial regulators, the UK and Switzerland have decided to fine the 5 largest banks in the world for the manipulation of the currency market worth $ 3.4 billion.

Nevertheless, we have to admit that most of the negativity of the above is already incorporated in the price index, and it is possible that today the benchmark once again go up. Their role in supporting the DAX can play today and published data on inflation in Germany. Low levels of CPI can only strengthen the confidence of investors that the ECB will soon go to the additional stimulus measures. And this is only on hand stock markets.


Oil prices continue to act in the world exporters of energy to the nerves. Yesterday Brent actively sought to test support at the psychologically strong level of 80.00. While the sample is not successful, but given the impending publication of reports on the dynamics of commercial reserves of the resource from the American Petroleum Institute and the Energy Information Agency (EIA), further downward movement is not excluded. All you need to get more significant than forecast growth stocks. At the moment, the market expects an increase in the index to 381.2 million barrels, and if that happens, the nearest support for Brent after breaking the mark of $ 80 may be around $ 78.60 per barrel.

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US dollar is not going to give up their positions and continues to attract investors’ attention, especially after unimpressive results of the quarterly inflation report, the UK, confirmed that the Fed has all chances to become the first in the «race to raise rates.» Nevertheless, further upward movement of the American currency may be difficult in some pairs. For example, it concerns the USD / JPY, which is so over the past month has added 1,000 points. In addition, in Japan now all restless.

There are rumors that Prime Minister Abe intends to dissolve parliament within the next month to hold early elections. Despite the fact that the rating Shinzo decreased slightly over the past year, his party has all the chances to win in the absence of a viable alternative. If Abe again strengthen its position, it is potentially positive for the Japanese economy and negative for the yen as Prime — a supporter of the low rate of the national currency. That is why the USD / JPY yesterday tried to return to the highs, which is why the pair slipped into the area 115.00 when all rumors were denied. Thus, any new evidence that no early elections will not, can strengthen the position of the yen and help the couple get 115.00 and go to the area of 114.70.

USD / RUB clearly can not continue its upward movement even in the continuing fall in oil prices. The signal on the «fight against speculators» reached its target audience, and now the district 47,00 may be short-term resistance. However, today the risk of a sharp rise at the opening still exists, since yesterday evening, oil prices once again updated the multi-year lows, and the pair have not had time to play this news. Quite possibly, investors will try to break through 47.00, and if the attempt fails, it can accelerate the drop down for the purpose in the area of 44.00.


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