Overview of the major global financial markets for the week 27 — 31 October 2014

Equity markets ended the week in the «green». Earlier this week, the positive dynamics caused enough optimism about the prospects for the world economy, which were subsequently amplified sufficiently strong record in terms of growth of US GDP. In addition, the growth of the stock market contributed to the decision of the Bank of Japan, adopted on Friday. Japanese regulator announced the expansion of its asset purchase program to 275 trillion yen (from 270 trillion). Against this background, the undisputed leader of growth was Japanese Nikkei, which gained 10.97%. Following him up and the Hong Kong Hang Seng (+ 3,16%). The German DAX added 4.49%. It is worth noting that an additional factor that contributes to the growth of European indices are positive corporate reports. US indexes updated highs. NASDAQ rose by 2.56%, rising to the level of 4163. Dow Jones added 3.17%.

Precious metals started the week quite restrained, which is not surprising, as the market waited for the publication of the decision by the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, which became the first catalyst for the reduction of gold (-4.36%) and silver (-5.67%). The pressure exerted on the assets accompanying statement the Fed, which has been more aggressive than expected. Negative and added a report on the growth rate of the US economy, has confirmed that its recovery is based on a sufficiently solid foundation. Do not use quotes on precious metals went and reported that the global demand for commodity investment products that use gold as a basic tool, slumped to its lowest level in five years.

Brent crude oil for the week showed mixed trends, keeping within a narrow range. This caused quite skoromny outcomes that asset is demonstrated by the results of the week (+ 0.63%). Pressure on the price of black gold has provided a stronger dollar, reports that the head of OPEC said that they are not going in the near future to reduce the volume of production. Maintain asset data on commercial stocks in the US, as well as signs of recovery in the US economy.

In the currency market volatility has demonstrated a serious Russian ruble. By five days togam pair USD / RUB increased by 1.75%. Couple once again updated the maximum, up to the level of 43.5757, from which subsequently retreated to around 41.1473. On the decision of the Russian regulator to raise its key interest rate at 1.5% (up 9.5%) caused only a short-term strengthening of the ruble. Reacting to an event pair decreased to the level of 40.9865, but the completion of the day returned to the area of resistance 43,00. Apparently, the market still fears that the CBR at a meeting in December abolish border dual currency corridor. , USD / JPY on the decision of the Bank of Japan has jumped to the level of 112.33, adding up to a week of 4.15%. EUR / USD has updated two-year low, down to the level of 1.2485, from which rolled to the end of the week to around 1.2523. Such dynamics contributed to signs of stabilization in the US economy is not strong enough and European statistics.

Forecast 3 — November 7

Stock market

The first week of November will be filled with a large number of interesting reports, which can cause quite a high volatility of the financial markets. US was to publish data on the index of business activity in the ISM manufacturing sector and the service sector. Friday is traditionally to be published data on the labor market. Given that the recent Fed comments concerning the labor market were rather optimistic, the market will wait for confirmation of these assumptions. Strong data, in general, will signal the continuing recovery of the US economy that will strengthen fears earlier start raising rates the Fed. Such expectations can play with the stock market a cruel joke, prompting a retreat from earlier highs (especially if you consider the fact that Dow Jones (YM), and Nasdaq (NQ) to update them). The purpose of the correction can be levels for NQ 4060.7 and 17130 for YM. We should not forget that traditionally supports the stability of the economy stock market. Therefore, after the rollback is not possible regrowth. DAX can be influenced by the final data on business activity in the industrial and service sectors, data from the ECB in terms of buying covered bonds, as well as decisions on the monetary policy of the European regulator. The market will follow the comments of Mario Draghi. Hints at the possibility of launching new measures to stimulate the economy and the acceleration of inflation may support the European indices, aiming, in particular, DAX to rise to the level of 9596.1. Asian indices are at the beginning of the week to continue to act out the decision of the Bank of Japan.


Statistics from the US will have a key influence on the dynamics of the precious metals. Strong data raised expectations that the Fed may decide to raise rates sooner than expected. In such circumstances, the demand for gold is reduced. Also do not discount the fact that the largest consumers of the yellow metal — China and India -postepenno reduce its interest to him. The only thing that is now able to provide support for gold and silver — technical factors, namely, the updated quotes 4-year lows. So at the beginning of the week is not excluded short-term correction, gold could be back in the district level 1200.00, silver — 16.705. Also for the benefit of precious metals can go economic instability in the eurozone and China.

Quotes of Brent crude oil in the last 2 weeks can not break out of the range of 84.03 — 86.80. Until then, until a breakthrough one of the boundaries, wait for the directed motion is not necessary. There are contradictory information does not give the fundamental reason for the rise or fall. Although, given the verbal activity that has recently demonstrated American financial institutions, it can be assumed that the level of $ 80 per barrel is very sensitive. We can therefore expect that below this mark quotes black gold is unlikely to fall.

Foreign exchange market

The dynamics of the pair USD / RUB after the announcement of the Central Bank of Russia’s monetary policy is quite serious concerns about the prospects of the ruble. No rate increase or reach agreements with Ukraine on gas does not provide adequate support for the Russian currency. In addition, the period of tax payments is left behind, which may reduce demand for the ruble. Moreover, recently a couple losses, including, and statistics from the US. Therefore, it is possible that USD / RUB will continue to gradually increase with the primary purpose to 43.5757 and, in the case of his breakthrough, further, to 44.00.

Pretty interesting dynamics can demonstrate and EUR / USD, GBP / USD and AUD / USD. ECB, Bank of England and the Reserve Bank of Australia publishes decisions on monetary policy. Changes are likely to be expected. Therefore, special attention will be focused on the accompanying comments. Insufficiently aggressive rhetoric regulators, coupled with the positive data from the US may well have to said pair of pressure.

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