How to invest money online in the forex market

A person, who has a more or less significant amount of money for it, sooner or later the question arises — how to preserve and increase their funds? Bank rates can not cover and part of inflation, which according to official standards is 18% per year (unofficial — more than 25%). This means that even keeping money in the bank, you actually permanently lose some of them. There is another way, which will not only maintain but also to increase their money. Moreover, using a systematic approach to investing in general can achieve capital growth with minimal risk.

PAMM manager creates and makes capital Manager of $ 2000. The balance of the investment account is managed becomes $ 2,000. PAMM appears in monitoring and Investor 1 invested $ 5,000. The balance of his investment account is equal to $ 5,000. The total balance of the PAMM accounts is $ 7,000.

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Managing starts trading (time 1) on the account, which the equity at the start of trade equal 25000.00 — these funds are not included in the common equity of the PAMM accounts., And all transactions made by the Manager for these funds is duplicated on the investment accounts of the Manager and Investor 1.

At time 2 Control shows a drawdown in the account equal to 18%, equity trading account at this time is 20,500. Funds for the investment account of the Manager and the Investor are set to $ 1640 + $ 4100 — and Managing Investor 1 and suffer a loss of 18% of the initial capital. Balances of investment accounts of the Manager and Investora1 still are $ 2000 and $ 5000 respectively.

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At the same time takes into account two investor and invest the sum of $ 10,000. Balance and the means to become an investment account equal to $ 10,000. PAMM accounts are funds equal to $ 15,740 (Funds manage $ 1640 + means Investor 1 $ 4100 + means Investor 2 $ 10,000).

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Manager continues to trade on the account and at time 3 shows the yield of 24% from the start of trading (time 1). Regarding the Investor 2, which came on the drawdown, at time 2 to time 3 was (24% — (18%)) = 42%. It is grown as a means of investment account of the Investor 2.

 Equity fund

One investor decides to withdraw from the account of PAMM and withdraw funds. Profits derived by them on the investment account is $ 1,200. Twenty percent of the profits investors agreed to cede control when invested in it. At that point, the investor sends a request to detach from the PAMM accounts, transactions on the account closing, $ 240, which is 20% of $ 1,200, written off and transferred to the Investment Account Manager. The remaining balance of $ 5960 dollars transferred Investor 1, unfastened his account of PAMM accounts and transferred to the archives. Investor 1 has received a net profit of $ 960. Funds for the PAMM distributed as follows:


Equity funds

Manager continues to trade. At time 4 yield rises by 3% compared with the previous period, the investor invests in three PAMM $ 6000, the balance of the account and the means to become equal to $ 6,000. The overall picture of the account is as follows:

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At some point, managing account profitability brings up to 53% and raises rollover. As a result of rollover, if at the end of the Trading Interval is a profit, it is distributed to the investment account as follows:

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Funds from the account after calculating managers will look like this:

 Forex online trading

Investor1 received $ 960 in net profit, which is 19.2% of its initial investment of $ 5,000, and paid 20% of all received on the account of profit Manager of $ 240.

Investor2 received $ 5,680 in net profit, which is 56.8% of its initial investment of $ 10,000, and paid 20% of all received on the account of profit Manager of $ 1420.

Investor3 received $ 1,248 in net profit, which is 20.8% of its initial investment of $ 6,000, and paid 20% of all received on the account of profit Manager of $ 312.

Managed to get $ 1060 (profit from the transactions) + $ 1976 (Fee), which is 53% + 98.6%, respectively, relative to the sum of its own investment of $ 2,000. Thus a relatively short period of time can be quite a large income, almost without effort, without handling independent trade on the account that it can be difficult in the absence of experience.

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