Money management rules

Pros exchange trading argue that the success of the financial markets depends primarily on the reasonable control its own capital (money management). Capital management - is the first thing you must learn the trader! The basic rules of money management 1. In transactions in ...


Trader — a profession?

Well, yes and no. With the technological advancements of internet trading access to global financial markets has become available to everyone. To try your hand at FOREX, it is necessary not so much its own funds and the necessary knowledge ...


FOREX or stock market?

Shares, investment companies, mutual funds, dividends, IPO - people in today's society often faced with all these terms. Many attracted by the opportunity to buy a small piece of any company (share) and to capitalize on the growth of its ...


Mechanism deals.

Purchases or sales made in relation to the base currency. For example, the purchase of a certain amount of USD/JPY means buying a specified amount of U.S. dollars with the simultaneous sale of Japanese yen equivalent amount. By contrast, sales ...


Trading instruments

Currency Forex designated three-letter code, which is used in the payment system SWIFT, for example: EUR - Euro USD - U.S. Dollar GBP - British Pound Sterling JPY - Japanese Yen CHF - Swiss Franc AUD - Australian Dollar CAD - Canadian Dollar NZD - New Zealand Dollar Quotes, ...


Advice to beginners.

1. Accept the possibility of losing their money as an inevitable fact. Every new trader should understand that the losses on the foreign exchange market no one is immune. The basic rule of trading currencies is that the profit was ...


Introduction to the FOREX market

Forex is a shortening of Foreign Exchange, which means "international currency exchange." That is Forex - is the currency market, where the participants perform speculative trading, investment, hedge currency transactions through commercial banks or dealing centers. On the Forex is ...


History of Forex

Market for foreign exchange transactions exists as long as there is money. Thousands of years before Christ in Egypt were first metal money and from that point we can talk about the first foreign exchange transactions. Currency exchange operations in their current ...


Forex market participants

The main participants of the foreign exchange market are commercial banks, currency exchanges, central banks, firms that conduct foreign trade transactions, investment funds, brokerage firms and individuals. Basically, make operations like spot (spot), also called conversion or ongoing operations, the actual ...


About Forex

Forex (Foreign Exchange Market) - the global market for the exchange of currencies at an agreed (world) rate. The volume of the market exceed the total amount of all other markets. Daily turnover of more than $ 3 trillion. The Forex ...



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