Advice to beginners.

1. Accept the possibility of losing their money as an inevitable fact. Every new trader should understand that the losses on the foreign exchange market no one is immune. The basic rule of trading currencies is that the profit was much greater losses.

2. Bid only with a clearly defined plan. Getting to trading, you should determine how much of their own money you are willing to take the risk and how much expect. This will be your balance of risk and return. Successful traders never engage in trading without a clear understanding of its purpose.

3. Do not be afraid of the currency market. Many new traders have excessive concerns about uncertainty and risk present in the forex market. One who can overcome yourself, is awarded in the form of a substantial increase in its capital.

4. Responsibility for decisions. Successful traders never give up personal responsibility. Enter the market once you have the responsibility for the transaction as profitable and unprofitable, lies solely with you.

5. Do not let greed overcome you. When bidding start to develop successfully, traders often forget about the previously supplied to the hope for further successful continuation. However, the market is very volatile and trends can quickly run out. Once the target price is reached, immediately remove the profit or increase the stop price to avoid losses.

6. Impact of news on the auctions. The increase in trading volume caused by a loud event, results in the movement of prices sufficient for traders to use in the party short and rapid changes in the market. Inexperienced traders often try to one transaction per day, which promises them a significant profit.

7. Do not fall into the illusion. If an open position loses, do not stay on the market in the hope that the trend will unfold for you in the right direction. Immediately exit.

8. Disconnect emotions. Cause of loss is often to acrimony. Disconnect emotions in transactions. Steadily put to follow the plan and do not forget to put the foot.

9. Trend — is your friend. Trade in the direction of the trend and your profits will increase.

The latest recommendations before:

1. Do not hurry. Novice traders often open several trades, and then notice that it is not able to follow all of them. Forex can make a profit, as in the rise, and at the fall of the exchange rate. Successfully earn only one currency pair. Therefore concentrate first on one currency pair, and master the rest gradually.

2. Remember the stop order. A common cause of loss — the wrong money management. To prevent huge losses sure to use stop orders.

3. Trading system. Every trader has a trading system he fits especially for you. Some traders prefer day trading system, attracting more than other periods. The main thing is not to deviate from the original plan of the auction. A few bad trades may not always indicate a loss of your system.

 4. Fixing the profits. A common mistake beginners — before closing profitable positions. Do not deviate from the intended trading plan. This allows you to avoid losing potential profits.

5. Do not turn profitable positions in unprofitable. Closely monitor the movement of the market. Will be achieved as soon as positive values, set stop at the entrance to the market. This will protect your money. Next, move the stop a trend that positions were profitable for you.

6. Frequent inputs. As part of the entrance to the market is not bad, but if you use them clumsily, you can quickly go bankrupt. The strategy that the trader with a negative position increases its size, suggesting that the market will return to its previous state and all positions will be closed at a profit. However, if the exchange rate will go away of its former level, the losses will be huge, so it’s just a buy and hold.

7. Pre-planning. Do not enter the Forex market just because of a sharp rise or fall in price. Plan ahead for how you will conduct auctions. Have a clear understanding of the point of entry, quotes the order, fixed income, and when to stop.

8. Do not lose capital. Earned money to be able to keep. Cover losing positions quickly and hold lucrative.

9. Momentum and trend. Novice traders often do not realize that with the emergence of a new trend is growing momentum. New traders create a strong boost when the growth trend attached to the total weight on the market. Trade when the momentum in your favor. It will push your trades in the right direction and you reach a point of profit, even faster than expected.

10. Do not give a lot of time of the trade. Noticing that the open position is unprofitable, the most appropriate solution would be to close it and move to a new, thus minimizing losses. In the currency market, there are lots of bargains, so take the time to losing positions is inappropriate.

Adhering to the above written recommendation, you will quickly feel an improvement in their work in the foreign exchange market. Now you can safely start real trading.

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